Yoga, Ayurveda & Sisterhood For Teenage Girls 11-15 yrs
to Feb 2

Yoga, Ayurveda & Sisterhood For Teenage Girls 11-15 yrs

Ancient Wisdom to Support Modern Young Women

For 4 weeks over the Summer School Holidays, we will be supporting Young Women to ride the waves of Modern Day Life. The stresses, the strains, the pressures, the heavy burdens from society, school and parents, is becoming all too much for these delicate beings. These are our next generation of women and they need to be taught to get back to their roots, to come out of their heads and into their hearts, to honour their cycles and find compassion for themselves and others.

During the 4 week course, the girls will learn about ancient practices and the art of Yoga and Ayurveda, the 'Science of Life'. They will delve into their unique constitutions and how to balance themselves, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. They will circle and learn how to listen and how to be heard. They will create bonds and friendship, they will be seen for who they really are, they will feel safe.

The first 3 Sunday Sessions will run from 9am - 1pm - a soothing Ayurvedic Lunch will be served. During these sessions, we will stretch, cook, dance, laugh, play, surrender, breathe and find stillness. We will learn practices to come home, to the place inside where contentment lies. No previous experience necessary and no level of physical fitness is required.

On our final weekend, we invite the young woman and their mother to come on a journey of connection and celebration in a mini retreat. The two of you will arrive by 3pm on Saturday 2nd Feb for an evening of relaxation, ritual and pampering. A special dinner will be served on this evening. The daughter will guide the mother through all that they learnt and integrate into practice for ongoing love, support and friendship. What a great way to prepare for a new school term!

The Saturday evening session will run over into a sleepover in one of our beautiful apartments on site at Premalaya. Our 2 bedroom x 2 bathroom apartments are fully self contained each with their own private deck. You will share an apartment with another mother and daughter but have your own private bedroom and bathroom to relax and enjoy with your daughter for some much needed one on one time.  

A relaxing morning to go at your own pace, some time at the local beaches, take each other out of breakfast, go shopping, or just simply be before you integrate back into your everyday life. Check out will be 11am.

Although we have specified an age group for this course/retreat, please inquire if your daughter is interested to attend and is outside this age group. Also, if a young girl wishes to attend and does not have a significant woman in her life, please be in touch and we can discuss some options for her.

Places are extremely limited to only 16 girls for this course. Please keep in contact if you would like to attend but these dates do not work as other courses will be running.

In you have any further questions before committing, please contact Hayley on 9756 6460 or drop us an email at

Investment for this course is $495 all inclusive, this includes all practical sessions, a yoga and ayurvedic gift bag, all meals and accommodation for your final sleepover with mum.

Payment plans are available so please contact to arrange.
With love and light Hayley x

We look forward to supporting the growth of a wise, grounded woman for our next generation.
Hayley and The Premalaya Team x

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Intensive KaHuna massage 1,2 & 3 with Mette Sorensen
to Dec 12

Intensive KaHuna massage 1,2 & 3 with Mette Sorensen

Learn the ARt of KaHuna massage in 8 days with Mette Sorensen founder of Ka Huna massage in Europe and Australia.

Are you looking for your next step forward?

Time to connect in with yourself and learn a new skill?

We have spots available on our upcoming Level 1,2 & 3 Intensive Ka Huna Bodywork Retreat

We would love to welcome you to join us on a journey with Mette’s Institute of Bodywork and Personal Development. The week with Mette and Luciano will be one you will always remember. We are looking forward to teaching you the magic of the Ka Huna massage and assisting you in your personal development and spiritual growth.

To find out more or book your spot, email 


Level 1&2 Kahuna Massage- Practitioner Level

This 6 day training course is very intensive with lots of massage and focus is placed on making the student confident in giving a full body massage. During the training focus is also placed on the emotional and spiritual effect of massage therapy.

Upon completion you will receive an academic transcript.

  • Body reading to develop skill in recognising signs of stress and to develop intuition;
  • Huna energy balance systems, using the Polynesian energy points of the body;
  • How to use the seven principles of Huna in your everyday life;
  • Special dances: Flying Albatros Dance;
  • Basic Lomi Lomi massage of back, legs and face;
  • Huna philosophy - meditation for healing and relaxation;
  • Energy work: how to keep the energy flowing without getting tired and burned out;
  • How to create flow throughout the body and reduce tension;
  • Balancing of masculine and feminine energies;
  • Frontal massage - intuitive and guided;
  • Full body massage - timed sessions;
  • Correction of your own style.


Level 3 Kahuna Massage - Advanced Level

Full of skills and transformations!   (6 days training) 

This 6 day training course has been designed to strengthen and enhance the practitioners skills, offering a very technical process and getting the practitioner ready for clients with different issues, injuries and problem areas.

This level completes the part of our training where techniques are the main focus. Should you decide to further your studies with Mettes Institute, the following levels offer a more holistic approach focusing predominantly on the mental and spiritual side of massage therapy.

Upon completion you will receive a certificate which is endorsed by the International Institute For Complementary Therapists. This will give you easy access to professional insurance.

You will receive a certificate on completion of level 3.

  • Pregnancy massage;
  • Polynesian floor work;
  • Body draining systems and under body techniques;
  • Joint and bone massage;
  • Light and heavy pressure massage;
  • How to be professional with healing;
  • Body language and body awareness;
  • Ho'oponopono meditation ... helps you make your personal relationships more healthy and rewarding.
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One With the Beloved Tour, with Shervin Baloorian
6:00 PM18:00

One With the Beloved Tour, with Shervin Baloorian

Whether you're already familiar with Sound Healing or looking to experience something new, this event is not to be missed and will be something extremely special for all who attend.

Join Bali Sound healers Collective Founder and South-East Asia's' Premier Tama-Do Vibrational Therapist Shervin Boloorian on his latest world healing journey of sound and vibrational rejuvenation involving 13th-century famous poet Rumi and Sufi inspired Heartsongs from his latest album 'One With The Beloved'. Shervin will sing and play a myriad of exotic world instruments, using the frequencies created to dive deep within the organs and cells of the body to heal and align one's energies back into a state of grace and harmony with the natural world around us as the sound drifts in, over and through you. A magically relaxing experience with profound results.

Shervin will also be holding two additional events in WA which are as follows:

2nd Dec - Mundaring Wellness Centre (Mundaring) 2-4pm

3rd Dec - Replants Art Studio (South Freo) 6-8pm

For more information on other interstate events in the Australian leg of the tour and private bookings, visit our Facebook page @Onewiththebelovedtour or contact Deb 0417556175

To learn more about Shervin and the Tour:

The Album and Tour's Kickstarter: 

Bali Newspaper article on the project: 

Listen or purchase the album: 

Click attending on this event on Facebook: 

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Heart Of Yoga - One Day Retreat
8:30 AM08:30

Heart Of Yoga - One Day Retreat

Price: $85

Purchase tickets through the website

Move the way JOY makes you move. Speak the way LOVE makes you speak. Respond from the space in the HEART. This is YOGA

A day to Inspire and Heal
- Asana
- Meditation
- Chant
- Lovingkindness
- The Body - Mind Health Paradigm

About Hamsa Warrener - IYTA, IYA & Heart of Yoga- 40 years experience/ Meditation study & teaching experience. BA, Dip Ed.

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Finding Your Power: Day Retreat
10:00 AM10:00

Finding Your Power: Day Retreat

Hello, I am Carmen from Mind Awakening and I am a strong believer that we, as women, need to take time for ourselves and reset. We need to find the space to connect with who we are and what we want. That is the reason that I am hosting the Finding Your Power: Day Retreat, so you can have that well deserved time to let go of what is holding you back and find the power that sometimes we give away.

This Day Retreat for Women is for you if you feel that:
• You have given your power away
• Everybody gets to go first
• You are not good enough
• It's your time to have the life that you want

At our day retreat we will assist you to:
• Let go of your emotional pain
• Transform the limiting beliefs that are holding you back
• Discover new ways to connect with who you are, and who you want to be
• Be empowered to identify what you truly want and go for it

This transformational day retreat will include a delicious and nourishing Ayurvedic lunch. You will also receive a gift back with beautiful crystal that will assist you to set your intention for the day and you will take home a journal and resources to continue your empowerment journey. 

Book your Early Bird ticket today and save $25

*Tickets are Non Refundable

You can book your accommodation for this weekend directly with Premalaya:
1 Night Stay - Just Accommodation
$200 - Private Queen Bedroom & Bathroom in a shared Self-Contained Apartment
$90 - Single Bed in shared room with 2/3 others with shared bathroom

2 Night Stay - Just Accommodation with Early Check in Friday and Late Check out Sunday
$320 - Private Queen Room with Private Bathroom
$120 - Single Bed in shared room with 2/3 others with shared bathroom

Luxury Wellness Package (check in Friday 14th check out Sunday 16th) Limited Spaces
2 Nights Accommodation in Private Queen Room with Private Bathroom
1 x Therapeutic Healing Massage
1 x Gentle Heart Opening Yoga Session
1 x Ayurvedic Nourishing Vegetarian Dinner
1 x Gourmet Breakfast Platter
1 x Bottle of Clairault|Streiker Wine (either Cab Merlot or Sauvignon Blanc Semillon) & a Luxury Mini Gabriel Chocolate Hamper
1 x Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Nutrition Consultation ( a complete Holistic Guide plus herbs & Ayurvedic goodies will be posted to you post retreat)

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to Nov 18


Maya Tatjana Alexander has deeply embodied many aspects of the unified Divine Feminine energy as you will palpably feel in her deeply loving and vast presence. Her precision and capacity for accessing and healing the ancestral pieces is rare. Her deep womb presence entrains you to your own deeper connection to Earth and the Cosmos.

In this 3 day intensive retreat we follow the invitation to bring our awareness to all the 'unseen’ held within us, to our inherited wounds & karmic structures stored deep within our cellular memory, our DNA.

Our DNA carries the information of physical, emotional, mental characteristics past down to us through generations, as well as belief and thought patterns which can keep us from accessing and living our own true potentials, sometimes even expressing through illness, various symptoms and reoccurring fates witnessed within families.

Through the teachings and practices we open ourselves to embody more of our souls innate orIginal blueprint, enabling us to freely live our gifts and talents, who we truly are. Within these deep soul movements lies the potential to move beyond our known limitations and constrictions, freeing ourselves from inherited belief systems, mental constructs, releasing the breeding ground for illnesses and symptoms in our very DNA.

Maya Tatjana Alexander is a Facilitator of Systemic Medicine and Systemic Constellation (she has trained and worked for many years with Stephan Hausner, Prof. Dr. Gunthard Weber, Jakob and Sieglinde Schneider in Germany) and is a member of the ISCA (International SystemicConstellationAssociation). 

She is a ZenShiatsu Practioner (ESI, EuropeanShiatsuInstitue), a co-founder of 'Genetic Alchemy’ together with Padma Prakasha and has trained with Mike Boxhall in ,Mindfullness-based Therapie", 'Presence in Stillness". 

For many years she has been guiding souls, men and women in their healing journeys of causal wounds, sexuality, in accessing, living, embodying their true feminine/masculine essence. Maya mentors teachers/facilitators in all fields of holistic medicine, in group settings and one-on-one sessions and holds retreats and workshops worldwide.
The space that opens and which Maya Tatjana Alexander understands to hold is truly multidimensional. Her approach is deeply feminine and profoundly scientific at the same time.

Be ready to find freedom from those deepest stuck places as
you discover the power of your innate connection with those that came before you. No doubt you will be enlightened, fall deeply in love, do some profound healing, and touch an incredible compassion for the many souls in your precious lineage.

NOTE: This course is open for men and women of all ages!
Spaces are limited so make sure to secure yours!

DATE: November 16th – 18th 2018
TIMES: 9 a.m. till approx. 6 p.m. Friday/Saturday/Sunday
ADDRESS: Premalaya Accommodation/Wellness/Retreat Center
1701 Wildwood Road, Yallingup, WA, 6282, Australia

PLEASE NOTE: Registration for this retreat ends on November 10th 2018!

This retreat will be held in the stunning nature and prestine energies of Yallingup in WA!
For those of you coming from further away, please contact Premalaya directly for accommodation.

Maya is such a unique, powerful, loving & honest guide. She is a very rare find & gem. Her ability & intuition to sift through the layers into one’s own truth in the moment is incredible. She is able to firmly, honestly & lovingly feel into the deeper patterns that are held in one’s soul & creating karmic patterns, familial patterns, & individual soul patterns. She has a rare gift with family lineages & how they can affect us individually & also the gifts that our families offer us regardless of our backgrounds & upbringings. I worked closely with Maya for over a year & some of my biggest shifts working with her occurred in relation to my lineage & my immediate family. The guidance & exercises she gave me transformed my relationships with my partner, my mother, father & even extended family into more love & truth. I so look forward to working with Maya more in the future & feel so honored to have had her as my teacher & guide. I highly recommend anything she offers as I know she puts her heart & soul into her work! N.K.

Photo@Jenella Walker

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Release Retreat
to Nov 4

Release Retreat

I invite you to release and relax. 
Can you see yourself here? 
Wake up to the gentle rustling of trees and birdsong, maybe a light patter of raindrops on the roof of the clean and serene beauty of Premalaya - meaning 'place of love' - welcome your muscles to the new day with a gentle stretch supported by large cushions and bolsters. 

You then get to know your group while snacking on a delicious gourmet platter by 'The Art Of Grazing'.

Victoria has been teaching meditation for 10 years, and she guides you through the basics of meditation and mindfulness and leads you in a guided meditation that leaves you feeling like you're floating, having released the stress from your mind.

A vegetarian Ayurvedic lunch is served to you, and you have some downtime to slowly get ready for the afternoon.

You have a choice to chill, go for a gentle walk and see the amazing South West coast, or do some Hatha yoga, and you come back to Premalaya to have a gentle stretch to release any stiff muscles.

The owner of Premalaya is an Ayurvedic wizz, and she puts together a delicious dinner for you. 

In the evening by candlelight, Tricia leads you through a practice of releasing stuck emotions with movement and dance.

Feeling exhilarated and free, all snuggled up in a rug; you allow Victoria's meditative voice to guide you to have a heavenly night's sleep.

On Sunday you wake refreshed and spend some time stretching out your muscles with slow yoga poses leading to stronger ones as your body wakes up. 

After another amazing gourmet grazing plate for morning tea, you step out of your comfort zone and release any tight muscles with gentle acupuncture.

Lunch is served to you again, and you have space to process and reflect. This is a powerful time for you, time to release anything that isn't serving you to your highest potential.
Lumari guides you in a releasing fire ceremony and supports you throughout the whole process. 

This may leave you a little emotional, and Victoria guides you in a self-love meditation that allows your subconscious to be filled with intentions that will support you when you leave Premalaya. 

Does this sound good?

Accommodation is NOT included in the price, as I wanted you to be able to choose which room suits you best. 
Head on over to the accommodation section of the website for more information or to book.

If you have any questions, please contact me by email at

I look forward to spending a beautiful weekend with you.
Love Victoria

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Shantarasa Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 WA
to Oct 28

Shantarasa Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 WA


Two intensive trainings delivered over a 5 month period. 

Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training
200hr Teaching Certificate

9am - 5pm
INTENSIVE 1: October 19-28 (2018)
break for assignments
INTENSIVE 2: March 31-April 8 (2019)


What is Yoga? An exploration of Yoga’s evolution over 5000 years.

How does Yoga work? An understanding of the complete Yoga Path which includes asana (postures), 
revealing their intent, purpose and method of practice.

Training in technique, practice and adaptations of Yoga’s range of asanas. Training in teaching methods. 
Developing an evolving personal practice

To teach others it is essential to know yourself. Yoga pathways faciltate life change and self knowledge. 
Trainees are introduced to the transofrming nature of yogic precepts and methodologies.

All yoga practices are intended to awaken the mind as a vehicle for conscious living and to heal limiting
tendencies. Trainees will be introduced to the nature of the mind as understood within the yogic tradition. A deeper appreciation of the body mind relationship will be gained.

Trainees will also be educated in the practices of breath work and pranayama, relaxation and yoga nidra, meditation and self observation to benefit both their own development and to guide others

The Option to take the training as a personal development course is available at a reduced cost and does not include the assessment process for aquiring the certificate.


Sadhana and Keval Pezet, the founders of Shantarasa Yoga Darshana, have been offering all levels of yoga teacher training for 20 years and have trained hundreds of highly skilled dedicated yoga instructors. They are teachers who each draw from 40 years of international training and instruction. The trainings they offer have exceptional depth and expose students to the complete forms of Yoga as paths of Self Knowledge and enlightened practice. 


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Dragon Slaying Workshop
10:00 AM10:00

Dragon Slaying Workshop

Are you ready to take insightful and deliberate action towards your most fulfilling life?

This day full of connection, discovery and empowerment is designed to help you notice and slay your dragons that hold you back from your inner gold.

Whether you're in business, an entrepreneur, a mum, a dad, a student or a wanderer of life; this workshop is for you.

Dragons come in the form of limiting beliefs, habits or patterns. In this workshop, through yoga and powerful mindset tools (NLP) we will dive head first into;  

1) Strengthening your self connection and creating an internal point of reference.

2) Breaking through negative and limiting beliefs, habits and patterns.

3) Learning tools to use your mind most effectively to reach your highest potential. into to start taking insightful and deliberate action towards your most fulfilling life.

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Urban Remedy's Mini Yoga Retreat Weekend, Yallingup
to Oct 14

Urban Remedy's Mini Yoga Retreat Weekend, Yallingup

No need to jump on a plane... just jump in your car, put on some good tunes and head south!

In less then 3hrs you'll find your self arriving at the beautiful Premalaya in Yallingup.

You will spend the weekend not just in a beautiful environment but in the company of like minded people sharing 1-2 yoga classes each day as well as some beautiful Ayurvedic food.

Yallingup is the perfect place to unwind and recharge for its beauty and slow pace style of living. Spend your extra hours visiting some of the beautiful beaches, talking a walk through the forest or simply curled up in your chalet with your favourite book!

This weekend will truely be about slowing right down, nurturing your body and mind with some gentle yoga and meditation and being surrounded by the beauty of the south west.

For more information please contact me directly through Facebook here:

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An Evening of Cacao, Yoga and Mantra
6:00 PM18:00

An Evening of Cacao, Yoga and Mantra

A Night of Cacao, Movement and Sound <3

We invite you to gather with us for a heart-centred evening exploring the magic combination of Cacao, Yoga and Mantra to deepen our connection to ourselves, each other, and the Earth.

We will begin the night with a short guided meditation to arrive in the space, supported by the subtle, yet powerful heart-opening energy of cacao.

With Cacao guiding our journey and intentions set, we will flow into a gentle movement practice to help us release tension, connect to our bodies and create space to find freedom and expression through our voices.

Hearts and voices open, together, we will explore the power of sacred sound in the form of the ancient practice of Mantra.

When Mantra is sung in community you can’t help but feel the connection; voices working together to create a vibration that can be felt within the heart and soul.

The Mantras will be easy to follow, and the repetition of the words allows the opportunity to immerse yourself fully in the experience.

Through weaving these three beautiful practices, together we will create a space of joy, healing and community.

***Absolutely no experience with yoga or mantra necessary, this evening is open and accessible to all.***

✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

LOCATION / Premalaya (Yallingup)

DATE & TIME / Sunday 23rd Sept 6:00- 8:00pm


CONTACT TO BOOK / Sharna Pinkney (0414448118 or

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Yin2You Healing Movement
6:30 PM18:30

Yin2You Healing Movement

Want to feel uplifted in your heart and soul, freed up in your entire body and completely calm and happy? 
This class is the ultimate self-healing experience. It combines meditation on the chakra points with gentle yoga-style stretches and free movement to music.  
The music alone will take you into a beautiful state.
Think yoga with a natural and self-guided shift into flowing movement inspired by uplifting mantra music.

Join me at Premalaya in Yallingup on Wednesday evening the 19th September from 6.30-8.00pm
Tickets are $20 and available to buy on my website. Link below.


With love, Tricia Woods

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WA's First Entrepreneur's Wellness Retreat
9:00 AM09:00

WA's First Entrepreneur's Wellness Retreat

This retreat is all about mixing business with leisure and wellbeing to make living your best life easy and accessible.  We have curated this retreat to give time poor business owners plenty of value to improve their and their business' health and wellbeing (Total value of the retreat activities and inclusions is over $550!)

Think of this as an immersive wellness retreat combining business development, personal development, networking, fitness & outdoors adventures with elements of wellbeing principles incorporated throughout the retreat into one jam-packed day.

There is no need to go overseas, it is all happening in picturesque Yallingup just minutes from the ocean.  

This is the perfect retreat for you if you are:

  •  a goal-kicking business owner or leader in your organisation/passionate creative/ tenacious side-hustler/ someone with an itch to start a business.
  •  needing to step away from the daily hustle to create some time and space to reassess & reinvigorate your health, wellbeing, business and life.

We know time and flexibility are high valued currencies so there are options for 1 or 2 night stays and even no accommodation (but we highly recommend staying for the full experience).  See below for accommodation details. 

This is your opportunity to mingle and learn from thought leaders and experts in business & wellness, AND create space and time in your life to recharge and reflect on your wellbeing (personal, relationships, business, spirituality) more holistically. Wellness is no longer just about keeping fit and eating well, there are so many more elements to it, which this retreat endeavours to bring together. 


For more information, pop on over to:

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to Aug 12

Be the Bliss Women's Retreat

WELCOME to this Yummy Winter Retreat for Women ... where we will guide you into your Energetic Body, your Voice and your Boundaries to awaken & live from Bliss Physiology!

Join Holistic Chiropractor Dr. Michelle Passmore (Conscious Chiropractic), Yogini Alex Stokeld (Yoga Sita) & Neuroscientist Lina Butenschoen (Conscious Chiropractic) at the South Wests most delicious new retreat venue Premalaya - Accommodation, Retreat, Wellness, Community

3x TABLE SESSIONS tailored to you and your nervous system
3x Feminine Dance & Breath-work sessions
Cacao & Yin Yoga
Voice Activation & Conscious Communication
Bliss Physiology Embodiment & Trauma Resolution

2 nights luxury chalet accommodation (3rd night optional extra)
7 nourishing & yummy meals over the weekend, you won't go hungry! 


Dr. Michelle is a registered Chiropractor with her own private practice in Fremantle. She is a highly gifted and sought after practitioner in the realm of Spinal Energetics & Breathe-work. She is deeply passionate about guiding women through Resolution of Trauma and transitioning from Stress Dominant Physiology into Bliss Dominant Physiology. 

During Be the Bliss she will be weaving her magic on the tables and in workshops throughout the weekend. 

Alex is extremely passionate about the benefits of yoga, free dance, meditation and embodiment practices for women. She will provide you with a safe container to move out of the mind and in to the body to move, flow and feel, guiding you to a place of inner freedom, power, sensuality, ease and connection.

Alexandra began practicing yoga as a teenager over 13 years ago and soon realised the vast benefits yoga has on the body as well as mental and emotional health. Alex has completed various trainings including a Bachelor of Exercise and Health Science, Diploma in Dance, Yoga teacher training in the ISHTA lineage with Tamara Yoga, various yoga trainings with Laughing Lotus NYC and emotional and energetic bodywork training with Eliyah School of the Tantric Feminine Arts. 

Lina's background in Neuroscience and Anatomy has given her an understanding of our inner and outer connectedness and of our innate ability to heal ourselves on all levels of being to come into our authenticity. How we relate to others begins with our relationship to ourselves.
Lina will be sharing about Conscious Communication for empowerment and bliss. 

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Sacred Earth Yallingup Concert 2018
6:30 PM18:30

Sacred Earth Yallingup Concert 2018

Join Prem and Jethro for a special evening in Yallingup. A sacred evening showing gratitude for our beautiful world and a celebration of the union of our voices to become an instrument of peace and love. A night of gratitude and healing, friendship and growth.

For bookings head to:

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Nourish Yoga Retreat
to Jun 10

Nourish Yoga Retreat

Join me for a long weekend away, designed to nourish and recharge. 

This Yoga Retreat is set amongst the forest in beautiful Yallingup, on a secluded and stunning 6 acre property. Encompassed by some of the most serene coastlines - beautiful beaches less than 2 km away. 

Come and restore in nature, and visit all that the Margaret River Region has to offer.  

Laila x


-3 nights accommodation at the beautiful Premalaya Wellness Retreat
-Yoga and Meditation sessions twice daily
-Delicious wholesome vegetarian meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner

- Abhyanga (Relaxing Ayurvedic Massage)
- Udvartana Massage (Deep Tissue and detoxifying)
- Ayurvedic Nutrition and Lifestyle Consult

-Private Room $850 (Queen bed) 
-Twin Share $550 (2 x Single Beds)
-Couples Occupancy (both practicing) $1100
-Couples Occupancy (non-yoga practicing partner) $1050
**Entire Chalet (2 bedrooms and 2 bathroom) Please enquire as dependant on configuration and how many are practicing

Email to secure your spot.

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10:00 AM10:00

Be True To Yourself

Women of all ages experience hormonal changes, often resulting in mood shifts. Discover your personality type and of those who are closest to you, then learn the secrets of how essential oils can help to calm or vamp you up so you can be, achieve and do everything you want.

Essential oils directly affect parts of our brain that control stress, anxiety, fear and depression. We will explore ways to balance your moods and emotions to help you feel more centred and connected.

Best friends, mothers and daughters, we have created this workshop especially for you. Throughout the session we dedicate some one-on-one quality time for nurturing and bonding activities.

A movement class focused on partner work with teachings on daily self care practices, meditation, stretching, movement and breathing.

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Living in Love Couples Retreat
to Nov 5

Living in Love Couples Retreat

A thriving relationship is such a crucial aspect of a thriving life! Having a relationship that fuels us, allows us to feel free, on purpose, connected and enriches our lives with fun, love, and joy, is what so many people in this world are searching high and low for. When your relationship lights you up, it flows into all other areas of your life. However, there aren’t many role models for us to learn from as an example of a healthy thriving relationship, so we end up having no idea of how to navigate one or we settle for less than what we know is possible. All thriving relationships require work. This retreat is not going to be a quick fix. However, we are committed to opening your eyes to new concepts and providing you with simple and effective tools that will fast track you both towards the epic relationship you both deserve.

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to Oct 30


Yoga, Connection, Creativity, Wellness.

Soul Sparkle’s Yallingup retreat provides an enchanting space amongst the forest to lose yourself, unravel your heart and dreams while nurturing and nourishing all three components of yourself – mind, body, and spirit in a positive healing and supportive environment packed with fun and laughter with your soul sisters.

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to Oct 16


This retreat is a time to celebrate & reconnect, whether it's with old friends, sisters, mutual yoga students or with yourself.

Finally, after all these years, I am able to offer a space within a space to allow you as a woman to fully immerse in the ability to honor yourself. I cannot be more excited to announce the first ever Premalaya ‘a place of love’ Retreat.

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