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In this one day workshop we come together to look at and bring healing to all aspects of what has caused you to have an abortion. We unravel beyond the apparent stories the deeper underlying dynamics, the beliefs and emotional conditioning which have dictated this choice and much of your life. Only when we truly see the effects an abortion has had on our life, can we open ourselves to a greater truth and Love, can we move into a greater sovereignty, live our deepest desires and embody our true self.

This is a deeply compassionate journey which will not only bring love but freedom to all souls involved.

TIMES: Sunday 19th of January 2019 / 9 a.m.. to approx. 5:30 pm

WHERE: Premalaya RetreatCenter, 1701 Wildwood Road, Yallingup, WA, 6282, Australia


REGISTER: until January 12th 2019!

Maya Tatjana Alexander has deeply embodied many aspects of the unified Divine Feminine energy as you will palpably feel in her deeply loving and vast presence. Her precision and capacity for accessing and healing the ancestral pieces is rare. Her deep womb presence entrains you to your own deeper connection to Earth and the Cosmos.

Maya Tatjana Alexander is a Facilitator of Systemic Medicine and Systemic Constellation (she has trained and worked for many years with Stephan Hausner, Prof. Dr. Gunthard Weber, Jakob and Sieglinde Schneider in Germany) and is a member of the ISCA (International SystemicConstellationAssociation).

She is a ZenShiatsu Practioner (ESI, EuropeanShiatsuInstitue), a co-founder of 'Genetic Alchemy’ and has trained with Mike Boxhall in ,Mindfullness-based Therapie", 'Presence in Stillness".

For many years she has been guiding souls, men and women in their healing journeys of causal wounds, sexuality, in accessing, living, embodying their true feminine/masculine essence. Maya mentors teachers/facilitators in all fields of holistic medicine, in group settings and one-on-one sessions and holds retreats and workshops worldwide.

The space that opens and which Maya Tatjana Alexander understands to hold is truly multidimensional. Her approach is deeply feminine and profoundly scientific at the same time.

Be ready to find freedom from those deepest stuck places as

you discover the power of your innate connection with those that came before you. No doubt you will be enlightened, fall deeply in love, do some profound healing, and touch an incredible compassion for the many souls in your precious lineage.

Maya is such a unique, powerful, loving & honest guide. She is a very rare find & gem. Her ability & intuition to sift through the layers into one’s own truth in the moment is incredible. She is able to firmly, honestly & lovingly feel into the deeper patterns that are held in one’s soul & creating karmic patterns, familial patterns, & individual soul patterns. She has a rare gift with family lineages & how they can affect us individually & also the gifts that our families offer us regardless of our backgrounds & upbringings. I worked closely with Maya for over a year & some of my biggest shifts working with her occurred in relation to my lineage & my immediate family. The guidance & exercises she gave me transformed my relationships with my partner, my mother, father & even extended family into more love & truth. I so look forward to working with Maya more in the future & feel so honored to have had her as my teacher & guide. I highly recommend anything she offers as I know she puts her heart & soul into her work! N.K.