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Embodiment of Sacred

HOLOGRAPHIC PATHWAY OF FEMININE AWAKENING & SevenCycles present: 'Embodiment of Sacred'

Are you ready to join me on this 6 day intensive immersion of the 'Embodiment of Sacred'? Awakening and uniting all elements of your sacred, sexual feminine essence & creative life force, weaving your deepest knowing and wisdom held in your cellular structures into the cosmic pulse, remembering rhythm, reconnecting with Mother Gaia, opening and surrendering to the living embodiment of who you truly are...

- Through sacred BodyPrayers, breath and ancient practices we
focus on awakening and opening your sexual
pathways, your 7 energetic portals into the womb&womb
consciousness for you to live from a more authentic place
- remembering the multidimensional being you are in this
multidimensional universe, aligned to Lore and how to weave this
into your beingness, your relationships, family, community, your
- through aligning yourSelf to the organic pulse & rhythm of Mother
Gaia and the Cosmos, unfolding and remembering your innate
gifts & wisdom you hold as a woman, as a conduit for the Divine
here on Earth in understanding and accessing a deeper
connection with Mother Gaia, her fields and the information held
- moving through timelines from the present, to realign to an
original truth, so the past ceases to repeat itself in the future
- realigning within your ancestral lineages so you are free to fully
step into an authentic expression and living of your true feminine

This journey is for those of you who have done some deep soul work, are ready to penetrate beyond the veil of illusion, are courageous enough to confront all the unseen within and willing to fully embrace the unknown.

If this speaks to you, feel free to contact me for further details and enrolement by email:

***This retreat will be held in the stunning, pristine lands and deeply
feminine energies of Yallingup/Western Australia.
This retreat is open for women only and is limited to only a few
places, so make sure to secure yours!

NOTE: Sign up ends on 1st of October 2019!

Tatjana Alexander is a Facilitator of Systemic Medicine and Systemic Constellation (she has trained and worked for many years with Stephan Hausner, Prof. Dr. Gunthard Weber, Jakob and Sieglinde Schneider in Germany) and is a member of the ISCA (International SystemicConstellationAssociation).
She is a ZenShiatsu Practioner (ESI, EuropeanShiatsuInstitue), a co-founder of 'Genetic Alchemy’ and has trained with Mike Boxhall in ,Mindfullness-based Therapie", 'Presence in Stillness", with Steve Richards in 'Aboriginal DreamTimeHealing'. Tatjana shares from her own embodied wisdom and years of experience.

For many years she has been guiding souls, women and men in their healing journeys of causal wounds, sexuality, in accessing, living, embodying their true feminine/masculine essence. Tatjana mentors teachers/facilitators in all fields of holistic medicine, in group settings and one-on-one sessions and holds online courses, retreats and workshops worldwide.
The space that opens and which Tatjana Alexander understands to hold is truly multidimensional. Her approach is deeply feminine and profoundly scientific at the same time.

"Tatjana Alexander has deeply embodied many aspects of the unified Divine Feminine energy as you will palpably feel in her deeply loving and vast presence. Her precision and capacity for accessing and healing the ancestral pieces is rare. Her deep womb presence entrains you to your own deeper connection to Earth and the Cosmos"

'Leaving any part of myself at the door was no option when it came to three days in a room with Tatjana. She yanked them back in and presented them as a bouquet I willingly stuffed my teary face into.
My mindset patterns and emotional being have transformed more rapidly after ONE weekend of deep work with Tatjana than with any other guide. Her guidance echos in my heart. Prepare for honesty, diligence and one mighty undeniable force of feminine truth when working with Tatjana Alexander.' M.B.

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