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Coming Home - Soul Sunday

Transformation is possibly for everyone who is willing. Marcia turned her own depression on its head to be living a vibrant, flowing life in service to the harmonising and upliftment of all humanity. She achieved this through self exploration ‘who am I really?’, in Yoga, meditation, shamanism, body work, energy work and sound. She brings these experiences and teachings together through her own expression of light to deliver transformations of growth and release for others. She loves to dance, sing, cry, laugh and love….you will too :)

Do you sometimes feel like you want to play like all the other people you see with smiles and carefree attitudes? Do you have this sense of reservedness, 'I could if I wanted, I just don't feel like it right now'

If you feel you're ready to release the woundings of your child self than come journey with us during this Shamanic ceremony and celebration of the inner child.

Bringing home that part of us that may feel lost and abandoned, reconnecting to the light of our soul and integrating the joy of the pure innocent child.

This is a Shamanic ceremony - a sacred space is created to allow you to go within yourself and bring forth the shift required at this stage of your journey. The space being created this session is for you to return home with the light of your inner child in tow. Allowing spirit to guide us to heal any wounds that may be present and reconnect our chlid to the soul light.


bookings via 0422638186 or FB event

Marcy x