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Spring Retreat - Yoga, Ayurveda & Transformation

There is season that calls man to pause amid the clamour of noise, the busy agitation of life and invites him to wonder. The earth reawakens from her slumber and explodes with new life. Be refreshed and prepare for your soulful debut.

Welcome to Spring, a time of phenomenal renewal, a time of TRANSFORMATION.

Whether young or old, male or female, come and celebrate RE-BIRTH, LIFE, GROWTH & PURITY.

Combining Ancient Practices to shake you alive and wake you up..... Learn wholesome sadhanas to incorporate into your lighten up, find your rhythm, practice happiness, create poetry with your body, balance in and out, reconnect and forgive, nourish, explore spirituality, cultivate laughter - Find You, Find Home!

You will practice YOGA alot, in a very gentle and deep manner, because this is the surest way of shining light into the darkest corners of your will CONNECT with natures rhythms and learn about MOTHER MOON and her impact on you and your emotions and how to realign your cycle as nature will learn about the ancient art of AYURVEDA and discover your unique constitution and how to feel the best and BALANCED that you could possibly will be MASSAGED from head to foot in copious amounts of sesame oil infused in AYURVEDIC INDIAN HERBS to suit your individual will rise early to free your mind of worry and learn to will SIT AROUND FIRES by night and gaze up at the stars and FEEL the beat in your heart as it syncs to the sound of will nurture your CREATIVE will eat deeply nourishing and lovingly prepared ORGANIC FOOD and LEARN how to COOK it..... you will pay homage to your ANCESTORS and enter into different realms of spirituality to EXPLORE yourself through.......the healing power of SOUND, MANTRA, MUDRA’S, PAST-LIFE REGRESSION and you may not want to go HOME because you would have found it in yourself and will be ready to live in honor of You!!......

WHEN: 13th - 15th September 2019

WHERE: Premalaya 1701 Wildwood Road Yallingup

Retreat Package includes:

3 days, 2 nights accommodation

Upon arrival, you will receive a welcome pack including all the relevant information for your stay, and a pamper pack filled with goodies for a luxurious treat to welcome you in.

All meals and snacks provided

Daily Yoga, Massage and Herbs for the duration of your stay plus all spiritual practices and sessions carried out

Cost: $795 - $995

Locals discount with non-residential options also available, please contact Hayley to book in or if you require more information.

Later Event: August 30
Spring Retreat