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Authentically Me Workshop

This event is for those who are ready to make changes from within and are ready to align further to their soul.

Creating change within creates a different reality. Whether you are wanting change within health, relationships, body image/self-love, business growth, personal growth, spiritual healing, life direction/purpose…

This powerful event is for you to take further responsibility in creating your own reality.

This 1 day practical workshop will challenge you to break the addiction of being that person you thought you needed to be and to become a more AUTHENTIC you.

Release from the shackles of your past.

Live differently.

Invite in greater inner peace.

You will learn tools to live more authentically, to unravel from the old and create a new, far more connected version of yourself.


• Identifying when you are functioning from the ego mind
• To live more freely from your heart centre
• To break the habit of being yourself when it doesn’t serve you
• To bring your emotional body into a more embracing, holding space
• To allow all parts of your soul back into alignment with love
• To create change from within to create change in your circumstances
• How to connect with a greater, universal consciousness bringing flow and ease into your life
• The art of presence and how to practice it in daily life
• How to let go of how it has always been to allow a different reality


• 4 x 90 minute powerful sessions presented by Nicola
• A delicious vegan lunch prepared by Premalaya
• A printed 'GUIDE TO BECOMING A MORE AUTHENTIC YOU' created by Nicola
• Access to the private facebook group community
• Access to Nicola’s Q & A support in the group for 6 weeks post event to help you implement the tools into your daily life

Nicola Cunha, certified Matrix Energetics™ practitioner and founder of ‘Beyond The Matrix’ has been transforming lives with her techniques to help people expand possibility and un-mask their true, authentic soul with her heart-centred approach.


“Nicola is able to intuitively read an issue accurately and work energetically to make it shift. She gets to the root of the problem and uses the Matrix Healing to transform it. Through my healing sessions I not only have come alive again, I have come to really know myself for the first time. I have witnessed my distressing patterns dissolve and found a love within that grows every day. After each session I feel relaxed, clear and focused and a sense of freedom that I have rarely felt before. The empathy and deep compassion she brings to a session coupled with her authenticity and joyful warmth make it an experience that I will always cherish. I trust her implicitly and am grateful for the amazing changes she has helped bring into my life.”

- Nicole

“Nicola is an incredibly skilled practitioner who creates an extremely safe and loving space to identify the patterns you've developed that may not be serving you in achieving your next goals in life, whatever they may be. Matrix Energetics was a new concept to me that I had never heard of, I feel so grateful to have found Nicola and experienced her work! In Nicola I've found a practitioner and modality that is highly transformational and effective for me in identifying and 'un-entangling' past patterns, energetically making it shift and instantly expanding what's possible. I feel unstoppable in the areas we've worked on and am very excited to continue the work, I highly recommend working with Nicola! She is also one of the most compassionate, loving, heart-centred people you could meet who loves the work and the wonderful results it creates for her clients, pure joy! :) xox”

Justine Davis (Marketing Entrepreneur)

“Super deep energetic transformation work. I see Nicola when I’ve got big goals that I want to get aligned with, and she helps me achieve them with grace and ease. Highly recommend her work.”

Dave Thompson (High Performance Coach)



$175 (earlybird until 30th August)

Click the link below to reserve your spot or email Nicola to ask further questions:


If you really want to create lasting change in your life and learn the tools to continue to do so, for life to flow with grace and ease, to be centred from the heart, to be present and enjoy each moment, you will book your spot!

Learn to be your own living, breathing workshop in every moment. Be grateful for all the opportunities you will be given to learn and to fully align yourself back into love.

To preserve the energy of the room, this workshop is not for everyone, you must truly be ready to take responsibility to create change!