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This retreat is about taking a giant leap of faith into a more fulfilling and wholesome you. To create a deeper awareness of how to live a more vibrant self through ancient Ayurvedic tools and professional direction.

Join life long passionate Yogini and Ayurvedic Practitioner Hayley, owner and creator of Premalaya, and her team of experienced facilitators as we support you on a journey of discovery.

If you feel its time to honour you, to create space in your life, where only you matter, then this should be up your alley.

At Premalaya, our mission is to create a sacred space where you can come home, to a place of wholeness, with like minded souls, to surrender all responsibilities of normal life and take retreat...... During the 4 days spent in our care, you will find the tools to step into your truth, to heal, to nourish you body, to soothe your mind and rest your soul.

What To Expect:

- You will practice a lot of Yoga, whether your an advanced Yogi or never practiced before, we will practice accordingly to shine light into the darkest corners of your body. You will learn about the science and its pathways to self-enlightenment. You will connect with natures rhythms and learn how to create more balance through following the rhythms of Mother Moon

- You will delve deeply into the ancient art and medicine of Ayurveda. This advanced science holds the key to support all imbalances in life, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. You will discover your unique constitution and how to feel the best and balanced that you could possibly feel

- You will be massaged from head to foot in copious amounts of sesame oil infused in Ayurvedic herbs to suit your body type

- You will rise early to free your mind of worry and learn to simply Meditate

- You will sit around fires by night and gaze up at the stars and feel the beat in your heart as it syncs to the sound of nature

- Discover the power tools of Japa Mala, Yoga Nidra & Herbs and Oils for emotions

- You will eat deeply nourishing and lovingly prepared Ayurvedic Food and learn how to cook it

- You will delve into Nada Yoga and the Power of Sound. Nada Yoga is conscious process of tracing the sound back to its psychic and more subtle manifestation to the source. During these experiential sessions Yogi Dev will guide you through the Nada Yogi journey, which starts, from listening to gross sounds, and then listening to subtle sounds and finally listening to your inner Sound (nada)

- You will also delve in Bhakti Yoga, the Yoga of devotion/longing to the the divine

And finally you may not want to go home because you would have found it in yourself and will be ready to live in honour of You!

Come and explore, play and have fun and enjoy what is already inside.......sometimes you just need help in removing the clouds so that you can truly shine!!!

WHEN: 11,12,13,14 April 2019

WHERE: Premalaya, 1701 Wildwood Road, Yallingup

This Retreat Package includes:

  • All of the above + 3 nights accommodation in self-contained apartments

  • Upon arrival, you will receive a welcome pack including all the relevant information for your stay.

  • All meals and snacks provided

  • Twice Daily Yoga, 1 x Massage and cleansing herbs for the duration of your stay plus all spiritual practices and sessions carried out

  • A Gift Bag to the value of $150, to take away including beautiful items for use during and after your retreat such as mala meditation beads, ayurvedic cookbook, body oils, much much more.


Option 1

Private Room & Bathroom in a shared Apartment: $1295

Early-Bird Price (book before 28th Feb to receive 15% OFF): $1100.75

Option 2

Twin/Triple Share & Bathroom in Shared Apartment: $950

Early-Bird Price (book before 28th Feb to receive 15% OFF): $807.50

Option 3

For a Couple in Private Room & Bathroom in shared Apartment: $1500

For registration or more info please contact Hayley at

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Release Retreat
to Nov 4

Release Retreat

I invite you to release and relax. 
Can you see yourself here? 
Wake up to the gentle rustling of trees and birdsong, maybe a light patter of raindrops on the roof of the clean and serene beauty of Premalaya - meaning 'place of love' - welcome your muscles to the new day with a gentle stretch supported by large cushions and bolsters. 

You then get to know your group while snacking on a delicious gourmet platter by 'The Art Of Grazing'.

Victoria has been teaching meditation for 10 years, and she guides you through the basics of meditation and mindfulness and leads you in a guided meditation that leaves you feeling like you're floating, having released the stress from your mind.

A vegetarian Ayurvedic lunch is served to you, and you have some downtime to slowly get ready for the afternoon.

You have a choice to chill, go for a gentle walk and see the amazing South West coast, or do some Hatha yoga, and you come back to Premalaya to have a gentle stretch to release any stiff muscles.

The owner of Premalaya is an Ayurvedic wizz, and she puts together a delicious dinner for you. 

In the evening by candlelight, Tricia leads you through a practice of releasing stuck emotions with movement and dance.

Feeling exhilarated and free, all snuggled up in a rug; you allow Victoria's meditative voice to guide you to have a heavenly night's sleep.

On Sunday you wake refreshed and spend some time stretching out your muscles with slow yoga poses leading to stronger ones as your body wakes up. 

After another amazing gourmet grazing plate for morning tea, you step out of your comfort zone and release any tight muscles with gentle acupuncture.

Lunch is served to you again, and you have space to process and reflect. This is a powerful time for you, time to release anything that isn't serving you to your highest potential.
Lumari guides you in a releasing fire ceremony and supports you throughout the whole process. 

This may leave you a little emotional, and Victoria guides you in a self-love meditation that allows your subconscious to be filled with intentions that will support you when you leave Premalaya. 

Does this sound good?

Accommodation is NOT included in the price, as I wanted you to be able to choose which room suits you best. 
Head on over to the accommodation section of the website for more information or to book.

If you have any questions, please contact me by email at

I look forward to spending a beautiful weekend with you.
Love Victoria

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Urban Remedy's Mini Yoga Retreat Weekend, Yallingup
to Oct 14

Urban Remedy's Mini Yoga Retreat Weekend, Yallingup

No need to jump on a plane... just jump in your car, put on some good tunes and head south!

In less then 3hrs you'll find your self arriving at the beautiful Premalaya in Yallingup.

You will spend the weekend not just in a beautiful environment but in the company of like minded people sharing 1-2 yoga classes each day as well as some beautiful Ayurvedic food.

Yallingup is the perfect place to unwind and recharge for its beauty and slow pace style of living. Spend your extra hours visiting some of the beautiful beaches, talking a walk through the forest or simply curled up in your chalet with your favourite book!

This weekend will truely be about slowing right down, nurturing your body and mind with some gentle yoga and meditation and being surrounded by the beauty of the south west.

For more information please contact me directly through Facebook here:

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WA's First Entrepreneur's Wellness Retreat
9:00 AM09:00

WA's First Entrepreneur's Wellness Retreat

This retreat is all about mixing business with leisure and wellbeing to make living your best life easy and accessible.  We have curated this retreat to give time poor business owners plenty of value to improve their and their business' health and wellbeing (Total value of the retreat activities and inclusions is over $550!)

Think of this as an immersive wellness retreat combining business development, personal development, networking, fitness & outdoors adventures with elements of wellbeing principles incorporated throughout the retreat into one jam-packed day.

There is no need to go overseas, it is all happening in picturesque Yallingup just minutes from the ocean.  

This is the perfect retreat for you if you are:

  •  a goal-kicking business owner or leader in your organisation/passionate creative/ tenacious side-hustler/ someone with an itch to start a business.
  •  needing to step away from the daily hustle to create some time and space to reassess & reinvigorate your health, wellbeing, business and life.

We know time and flexibility are high valued currencies so there are options for 1 or 2 night stays and even no accommodation (but we highly recommend staying for the full experience).  See below for accommodation details. 

This is your opportunity to mingle and learn from thought leaders and experts in business & wellness, AND create space and time in your life to recharge and reflect on your wellbeing (personal, relationships, business, spirituality) more holistically. Wellness is no longer just about keeping fit and eating well, there are so many more elements to it, which this retreat endeavours to bring together. 


For more information, pop on over to:

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to Aug 12

Be the Bliss Women's Retreat

WELCOME to this Yummy Winter Retreat for Women ... where we will guide you into your Energetic Body, your Voice and your Boundaries to awaken & live from Bliss Physiology!

Join Holistic Chiropractor Dr. Michelle Passmore (Conscious Chiropractic), Yogini Alex Stokeld (Yoga Sita) & Neuroscientist Lina Butenschoen (Conscious Chiropractic) at the South Wests most delicious new retreat venue Premalaya - Accommodation, Retreat, Wellness, Community

3x TABLE SESSIONS tailored to you and your nervous system
3x Feminine Dance & Breath-work sessions
Cacao & Yin Yoga
Voice Activation & Conscious Communication
Bliss Physiology Embodiment & Trauma Resolution

2 nights luxury chalet accommodation (3rd night optional extra)
7 nourishing & yummy meals over the weekend, you won't go hungry! 


Dr. Michelle is a registered Chiropractor with her own private practice in Fremantle. She is a highly gifted and sought after practitioner in the realm of Spinal Energetics & Breathe-work. She is deeply passionate about guiding women through Resolution of Trauma and transitioning from Stress Dominant Physiology into Bliss Dominant Physiology. 

During Be the Bliss she will be weaving her magic on the tables and in workshops throughout the weekend. 

Alex is extremely passionate about the benefits of yoga, free dance, meditation and embodiment practices for women. She will provide you with a safe container to move out of the mind and in to the body to move, flow and feel, guiding you to a place of inner freedom, power, sensuality, ease and connection.

Alexandra began practicing yoga as a teenager over 13 years ago and soon realised the vast benefits yoga has on the body as well as mental and emotional health. Alex has completed various trainings including a Bachelor of Exercise and Health Science, Diploma in Dance, Yoga teacher training in the ISHTA lineage with Tamara Yoga, various yoga trainings with Laughing Lotus NYC and emotional and energetic bodywork training with Eliyah School of the Tantric Feminine Arts. 

Lina's background in Neuroscience and Anatomy has given her an understanding of our inner and outer connectedness and of our innate ability to heal ourselves on all levels of being to come into our authenticity. How we relate to others begins with our relationship to ourselves.
Lina will be sharing about Conscious Communication for empowerment and bliss. 

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