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This retreat is about taking a giant leap of faith into a more fulfilling and wholesome you. To create a deeper awareness of how to live a more vibrant self through ancient Ayurvedic tools and professional direction.

Join life long passionate Yogini and Ayurvedic Practitioner Hayley, owner and creator of Premalaya, and her team of experienced facilitators as we support you on a journey of discovery.

If you feel its time to honour you, to create space in your life, where only you matter, then this should be up your alley.

At Premalaya, our mission is to create a sacred space where you can come home, to a place of wholeness, with like minded souls, to surrender all responsibilities of normal life and take retreat...... During the 4 days spent in our care, you will find the tools to step into your truth, to heal, to nourish you body, to soothe your mind and rest your soul.

What To Expect:

- You will practice a lot of Yoga, whether your an advanced Yogi or never practiced before, we will practice accordingly to shine light into the darkest corners of your body. You will learn about the science and its pathways to self-enlightenment. You will connect with natures rhythms and learn how to create more balance through following the rhythms of Mother Moon

- You will delve deeply into the ancient art and medicine of Ayurveda. This advanced science holds the key to support all imbalances in life, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. You will discover your unique constitution and how to feel the best and balanced that you could possibly feel

- You will be massaged from head to foot in copious amounts of sesame oil infused in Ayurvedic herbs to suit your body type

- You will rise early to free your mind of worry and learn to simply Meditate

- You will sit around fires by night and gaze up at the stars and feel the beat in your heart as it syncs to the sound of nature

- Discover the power tools of Japa Mala, Yoga Nidra & Herbs and Oils for emotions

- You will eat deeply nourishing and lovingly prepared Ayurvedic Food and learn how to cook it

- You will delve into Nada Yoga and the Power of Sound. Nada Yoga is conscious process of tracing the sound back to its psychic and more subtle manifestation to the source. During these experiential sessions Yogi Dev will guide you through the Nada Yogi journey, which starts, from listening to gross sounds, and then listening to subtle sounds and finally listening to your inner Sound (nada)

- You will also delve in Bhakti Yoga, the Yoga of devotion/longing to the the divine

And finally you may not want to go home because you would have found it in yourself and will be ready to live in honour of You!

Come and explore, play and have fun and enjoy what is already inside.......sometimes you just need help in removing the clouds so that you can truly shine!!!

WHEN: 11,12,13,14 April 2019

WHERE: Premalaya, 1701 Wildwood Road, Yallingup

This Retreat Package includes:

  • All of the above + 3 nights accommodation in self-contained apartments

  • Upon arrival, you will receive a welcome pack including all the relevant information for your stay.

  • All meals and snacks provided

  • Twice Daily Yoga, 1 x Massage and cleansing herbs for the duration of your stay plus all spiritual practices and sessions carried out

  • A Gift Bag to the value of $150, to take away including beautiful items for use during and after your retreat such as mala meditation beads, ayurvedic cookbook, body oils, much much more.


Option 1

Private Room & Bathroom in a shared Apartment: $1295

Early-Bird Price (book before 28th Feb to receive 15% OFF): $1100.75

Option 2

Twin/Triple Share & Bathroom in Shared Apartment: $950

Early-Bird Price (book before 28th Feb to receive 15% OFF): $807.50

Option 3

For a Couple in Private Room & Bathroom in shared Apartment: $1500

For registration or more info please contact Hayley at

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Intensive KaHuna massage 1,2 & 3 with Mette Sorensen
to Dec 12

Intensive KaHuna massage 1,2 & 3 with Mette Sorensen

Learn the ARt of KaHuna massage in 8 days with Mette Sorensen founder of Ka Huna massage in Europe and Australia.

Are you looking for your next step forward?

Time to connect in with yourself and learn a new skill?

We have spots available on our upcoming Level 1,2 & 3 Intensive Ka Huna Bodywork Retreat

We would love to welcome you to join us on a journey with Mette’s Institute of Bodywork and Personal Development. The week with Mette and Luciano will be one you will always remember. We are looking forward to teaching you the magic of the Ka Huna massage and assisting you in your personal development and spiritual growth.

To find out more or book your spot, email 


Level 1&2 Kahuna Massage- Practitioner Level

This 6 day training course is very intensive with lots of massage and focus is placed on making the student confident in giving a full body massage. During the training focus is also placed on the emotional and spiritual effect of massage therapy.

Upon completion you will receive an academic transcript.

  • Body reading to develop skill in recognising signs of stress and to develop intuition;
  • Huna energy balance systems, using the Polynesian energy points of the body;
  • How to use the seven principles of Huna in your everyday life;
  • Special dances: Flying Albatros Dance;
  • Basic Lomi Lomi massage of back, legs and face;
  • Huna philosophy - meditation for healing and relaxation;
  • Energy work: how to keep the energy flowing without getting tired and burned out;
  • How to create flow throughout the body and reduce tension;
  • Balancing of masculine and feminine energies;
  • Frontal massage - intuitive and guided;
  • Full body massage - timed sessions;
  • Correction of your own style.


Level 3 Kahuna Massage - Advanced Level

Full of skills and transformations!   (6 days training) 

This 6 day training course has been designed to strengthen and enhance the practitioners skills, offering a very technical process and getting the practitioner ready for clients with different issues, injuries and problem areas.

This level completes the part of our training where techniques are the main focus. Should you decide to further your studies with Mettes Institute, the following levels offer a more holistic approach focusing predominantly on the mental and spiritual side of massage therapy.

Upon completion you will receive a certificate which is endorsed by the International Institute For Complementary Therapists. This will give you easy access to professional insurance.

You will receive a certificate on completion of level 3.

  • Pregnancy massage;
  • Polynesian floor work;
  • Body draining systems and under body techniques;
  • Joint and bone massage;
  • Light and heavy pressure massage;
  • How to be professional with healing;
  • Body language and body awareness;
  • Ho'oponopono meditation ... helps you make your personal relationships more healthy and rewarding.
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An Evening of Cacao, Yoga and Mantra
6:00 PM18:00

An Evening of Cacao, Yoga and Mantra

A Night of Cacao, Movement and Sound <3

We invite you to gather with us for a heart-centred evening exploring the magic combination of Cacao, Yoga and Mantra to deepen our connection to ourselves, each other, and the Earth.

We will begin the night with a short guided meditation to arrive in the space, supported by the subtle, yet powerful heart-opening energy of cacao.

With Cacao guiding our journey and intentions set, we will flow into a gentle movement practice to help us release tension, connect to our bodies and create space to find freedom and expression through our voices.

Hearts and voices open, together, we will explore the power of sacred sound in the form of the ancient practice of Mantra.

When Mantra is sung in community you can’t help but feel the connection; voices working together to create a vibration that can be felt within the heart and soul.

The Mantras will be easy to follow, and the repetition of the words allows the opportunity to immerse yourself fully in the experience.

Through weaving these three beautiful practices, together we will create a space of joy, healing and community.

***Absolutely no experience with yoga or mantra necessary, this evening is open and accessible to all.***

✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

LOCATION / Premalaya (Yallingup)

DATE & TIME / Sunday 23rd Sept 6:00- 8:00pm


CONTACT TO BOOK / Sharna Pinkney (0414448118 or

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10:00 AM10:00

Be True To Yourself

Women of all ages experience hormonal changes, often resulting in mood shifts. Discover your personality type and of those who are closest to you, then learn the secrets of how essential oils can help to calm or vamp you up so you can be, achieve and do everything you want.

Essential oils directly affect parts of our brain that control stress, anxiety, fear and depression. We will explore ways to balance your moods and emotions to help you feel more centred and connected.

Best friends, mothers and daughters, we have created this workshop especially for you. Throughout the session we dedicate some one-on-one quality time for nurturing and bonding activities.

A movement class focused on partner work with teachings on daily self care practices, meditation, stretching, movement and breathing.

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