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  • Premalaya 1701 Wildwood Road Yallingup, WA, 6282 Australia (map)



Create the space in your life to honor yourself, where only YOU matter.
That’s what we're here for... to create a sacred space, 'a place of love', where you can come and find you, a place to connect with like minded souls, where you can circle and surrender all responsibilities of normal life and take a retreat.

During the 4 days spent in our care, you will find the tools to step into your truth and be unconditionally honored and loved. You will leave us feeling whole, alive, wise and awake.
You will;

- Practice Yoga a lot, as this is the surest way of shining light into the darkest corners of your body.
- Connect with nature's rhythms and learn about MOTHER MOON and her impact on you and your emotions.
- Learn about the ancient art of Ayurveda and discover your unique constitution and how to feel the best and BALANCED that you could possibly feel.
- Be massaged from head to foot in copious amounts of sesame oil infused in AYURVEDIC INDIAN HERBS to suit your individual constitution.
- Rise early to free your mind of worry and learn to meditate.
- Sit around fires by night and gaze up at the stars with sisters and feel the beat of your heart as it syncs to the sound of nature.
- Nurture your creative side and eat deeply nourishing and lovingly prepared organic Ayurvedic meals and learn how to cook them.
- Cleanse softly and pay homage to your ancestors. You will enter into different realms of spirituality to explore yourself through the healing power of sound, mantra, mudra's, tarot, kinesiology and ecstatic dance.

You may not want to go home because you would have found it in yourself and will be ready to live in honor of you. Come and explore, play, have fun and enjoy what is already inside you. Sometimes you just need help in removing the clouds so that you can truly shine!

Invest in a more wholesome you: $1500 AU all inclusive.

Places are limited, if you are interested in attending or have any further questions, please send us a message so we can forward you registration details.

In love & Light,
Hayley Lane & The Team at Premalaya xxx

Later Event: October 27