Located in Yallingup, one of the most pristine untouched parts of the world, famous for its wine and surf. Premalaya sits snuggled amongst pine trees and natural beauty.  Uplifted by the Indian Ocean breeze, your soul will be cleansed and rejuvenated as you prepare to explore the region of Margaret River, Western Australia.

At Premalaya, our mission is to create 'a place of love'. We want to make you feel at home. Life is busy and our question to you is, how often do you actually take a moment to breathe in the essence of the present moment? We're guilty of this too, but we are driven to help remind ourselves and you to simply be here right now, because that truly is the ultimate gift in life; the present moment.

We have created a space where you can inhale deeply and be reminded of the essential components of living... enjoying the moment, practising balance, being happy, collecting memories, living each day with love, learning to exhale fully and cultivating the power to surrender.

Whether you stay in one of our beautiful chalets, attend one of our retreats, enjoy a wellness programme or would like to be a part of our community projects, we want to help peel back the layers and awaken something within you that was already there. We want to bring you love.


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