The Art of Practising Self-Love for Mama's
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The Art of Practising Self-Love for Mama's

The Art of Practising Self-Care for Mama’s

We’re all busy Mother’s - it seems to be the general trend nowadays! We maximise every waking hour with to do lists, household chores, business dealings and social media. The tasks are endless, we are constantly juggling life and there is no ‘Me’ time.

We know in our hearts that we should be doing more for ourselves but for some reason there is a disconnection between ‘what I should be doing’ and ‘what I am doing’. 

This mini retreat is an opportunity to delve into that disconnection and why we put ourselves last and how we can create subtle changes that can last a life time.

We all use the same excuse of time and money, but there are many simple home based recommendations that we can do without leaving home.

During the mini retreat we will: 

- Practice Yoga and learn a simple home based routine
- Learn simple breathe and meditation techniques to ground and create a deeper sense of peace and calm
- Delve into self-love tools to nurture and renew
- Learn some basic Ayurvedic recipes for simple New Moon Cleanses
- Learn how to balance our menstrual cycles to stay more in tune and connected to natures rhythms
- Create a morning routine
- Learn about Mindfulness and how we can incorporate it in everyday life
- Work with Affirmations and Positive Self-Talk
- Learn Healthy Daily Routines

We will finish the day with a very relaxing Sacred Sound Meditation.

Included in your day is all of the above, a nutritious grounding Ayurvedic Lunch and a special self-love care package to take away with you.

'When a mum feels good she is the best version of herself for everyone else’

Investment: $155

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to Aug 12

Be the Bliss Women's Retreat

WELCOME to this Yummy Winter Retreat for Women ... where we will guide you into your Energetic Body, your Voice and your Boundaries to awaken & live from Bliss Physiology!

Join Holistic Chiropractor Dr. Michelle Passmore (Conscious Chiropractic), Yogini Alex Stokeld (Yoga Sita) & Neuroscientist Lina Butenschoen (Conscious Chiropractic) at the South Wests most delicious new retreat venue Premalaya - Accommodation, Retreat, Wellness, Community

3x TABLE SESSIONS tailored to you and your nervous system
3x Feminine Dance & Breath-work sessions
Cacao & Yin Yoga
Voice Activation & Conscious Communication
Bliss Physiology Embodiment & Trauma Resolution

2 nights luxury chalet accommodation (3rd night optional extra)
7 nourishing & yummy meals over the weekend, you won't go hungry! 


Dr. Michelle is a registered Chiropractor with her own private practice in Fremantle. She is a highly gifted and sought after practitioner in the realm of Spinal Energetics & Breathe-work. She is deeply passionate about guiding women through Resolution of Trauma and transitioning from Stress Dominant Physiology into Bliss Dominant Physiology. 

During Be the Bliss she will be weaving her magic on the tables and in workshops throughout the weekend. 

Alex is extremely passionate about the benefits of yoga, free dance, meditation and embodiment practices for women. She will provide you with a safe container to move out of the mind and in to the body to move, flow and feel, guiding you to a place of inner freedom, power, sensuality, ease and connection.

Alexandra began practicing yoga as a teenager over 13 years ago and soon realised the vast benefits yoga has on the body as well as mental and emotional health. Alex has completed various trainings including a Bachelor of Exercise and Health Science, Diploma in Dance, Yoga teacher training in the ISHTA lineage with Tamara Yoga, various yoga trainings with Laughing Lotus NYC and emotional and energetic bodywork training with Eliyah School of the Tantric Feminine Arts. 

Lina's background in Neuroscience and Anatomy has given her an understanding of our inner and outer connectedness and of our innate ability to heal ourselves on all levels of being to come into our authenticity. How we relate to others begins with our relationship to ourselves.
Lina will be sharing about Conscious Communication for empowerment and bliss. 

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Sacred Earth Yallingup Concert 2018
6:30 PM18:30

Sacred Earth Yallingup Concert 2018

Join Prem and Jethro for a special evening in Yallingup. A sacred evening showing gratitude for our beautiful world and a celebration of the union of our voices to become an instrument of peace and love. A night of gratitude and healing, friendship and growth.

For bookings head to:

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Nourish Yoga Retreat
to Jun 10

Nourish Yoga Retreat

Join me for a long weekend away, designed to nourish and recharge. 

This Yoga Retreat is set amongst the forest in beautiful Yallingup, on a secluded and stunning 6 acre property. Encompassed by some of the most serene coastlines - beautiful beaches less than 2 km away. 

Come and restore in nature, and visit all that the Margaret River Region has to offer.  

Laila x


-3 nights accommodation at the beautiful Premalaya Wellness Retreat
-Yoga and Meditation sessions twice daily
-Delicious wholesome vegetarian meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner

- Abhyanga (Relaxing Ayurvedic Massage)
- Udvartana Massage (Deep Tissue and detoxifying)
- Ayurvedic Nutrition and Lifestyle Consult

-Private Room $850 (Queen bed) 
-Twin Share $550 (2 x Single Beds)
-Couples Occupancy (both practicing) $1100
-Couples Occupancy (non-yoga practicing partner) $1050
**Entire Chalet (2 bedrooms and 2 bathroom) Please enquire as dependant on configuration and how many are practicing

Email to secure your spot.

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10:00 AM10:00

Be True To Yourself

Women of all ages experience hormonal changes, often resulting in mood shifts. Discover your personality type and of those who are closest to you, then learn the secrets of how essential oils can help to calm or vamp you up so you can be, achieve and do everything you want.

Essential oils directly affect parts of our brain that control stress, anxiety, fear and depression. We will explore ways to balance your moods and emotions to help you feel more centred and connected.

Best friends, mothers and daughters, we have created this workshop especially for you. Throughout the session we dedicate some one-on-one quality time for nurturing and bonding activities.

A movement class focused on partner work with teachings on daily self care practices, meditation, stretching, movement and breathing.

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Living in Love Couples Retreat
to Nov 5

Living in Love Couples Retreat

A thriving relationship is such a crucial aspect of a thriving life! Having a relationship that fuels us, allows us to feel free, on purpose, connected and enriches our lives with fun, love, and joy, is what so many people in this world are searching high and low for. When your relationship lights you up, it flows into all other areas of your life. However, there aren’t many role models for us to learn from as an example of a healthy thriving relationship, so we end up having no idea of how to navigate one or we settle for less than what we know is possible. All thriving relationships require work. This retreat is not going to be a quick fix. However, we are committed to opening your eyes to new concepts and providing you with simple and effective tools that will fast track you both towards the epic relationship you both deserve.

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to Oct 30


Yoga, Connection, Creativity, Wellness.

Soul Sparkle’s Yallingup retreat provides an enchanting space amongst the forest to lose yourself, unravel your heart and dreams while nurturing and nourishing all three components of yourself – mind, body, and spirit in a positive healing and supportive environment packed with fun and laughter with your soul sisters.

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to Oct 16


This retreat is a time to celebrate & reconnect, whether it's with old friends, sisters, mutual yoga students or with yourself.

Finally, after all these years, I am able to offer a space within a space to allow you as a woman to fully immerse in the ability to honor yourself. I cannot be more excited to announce the first ever Premalaya ‘a place of love’ Retreat.

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