"10/10 - Great location, excellent accommodation and lovely hosts.  Absolute warmth and friendliness of hosts; chalet itself was very easy and liveable"

 - Charlotte, Dec 2017

"10/10 - You don’t want to leave Premalaya.  Host Hayley, Scott and family were so welcoming and friendly. It’s a home away from home but with beautiful surroundings."

- Annie, Dec 2017

"10/10 - Comfy clean rooms, perfect location. Really great hosts.  The place looked exactly as it did in the pictures. Hosts were relaxed and helpful and were very approachable.  Downside was Having to leave :( I will be back :)

- Daniel, Sep 2017

"Thank you to Hayley and Scott and family for one of the most relaxing and peaceful breaks I have ever encountered. As soon as we drove in I felt like one of the family coming to visit. We were warmly welcomed by Hayley, her beautiful children and even their dogs and one of the sheep! The chalet was clean and immaculate, well appointed, with two bathrooms and toilets. The beds and pillows were very comfortable and I enjoyed much needed restful sleeps. The location of Premalaya is nestled in a peaceful location, surrounded by trees, native birds, happy animals and a pristine environment. Every aspect of Premalaya is in harmony with Mother Nature. The trampoline and pond were a hit with my twin grandsons and they enjoyed exploring their surroundings. I didn't get to experience the yoga or massage but they will definitely put on my 'to do' list on my next visit.
Thank you again and I will definitely 'spread the word' with my friends about this amazing 'sanctuary'. I will be returning in the near future.

Warm regards, Suzi, Jan 2018

"From a purely physical point of view, Premalaya has everything you could want in accommodation - beautiful, tastefully decorated, modern rooms, gorgeous bathrooms (with a bathtub you can actually immerse your entire body into!), everything you need to accommodate yourself during your stay - fully equipped kitchens, dining area, comfy couches - not to mention your own private deck with out door furniture. Then there is the setting - a beautiful bush valley, with huge, towering trees, winter creek, pond, and winter dam. The birds in the morning wake you with their joyful songs, and the frogs serenade you to sleep at night with their soothing sounds. 
All this would be enough for most, but it has something else some other places lack - this place was built with love and intention. The owners have some of the biggest, warmest hearts you will ever encounter, and I know that every guest who comes to stay will be treated with respect and love that comes second nature to them. This place is the result of a long-held-dear dream and it reflects that"

— HELEN MCGUIRE, June, 2017

My husband and I have just spent the most amazing weekend being thoroughly spoiled at Premalaya. From the moment we arrived we felt welcomed and relaxed. The weekend was filled with yoga, meditation, delicious food and massage. We couldn't have asked for better hosts than Hayley and Scott who made us feel right at home and a part of their family. It was a fantastic chance for us to unwind and reconnect in a positive and meaningful way. Can't wait for the next retreat for my husband and I to attend."


“They say your body is your Temple. It is true. It is the vessel that carries your Soul. Hold that thought for now.  We're all busy. We all work. Some of us have kids. Some of us like to live fast & play hard. We all have bills and worries. We all like a drink, well most of us, cause that helps to relieve the tension in our lives. Or at least we think it does. Life is busy in general. Life can be stressful. So we go for a walk or a run. Some hit the gym. Some do martial arts, boxing or swimming. These are all good things. But they do not cleanse your soul. So your body tucks this stress away in parts of the body that you just wouldn't think about. This weighs us down and the scary things is that we feel it but we just ignore it. We pass it off as something else. So it festers. I have been feeling like something dark has been holding me down for some time now. Something deep inside me in my soul. I'm sharing this with you because I believe that we all neglect the most important aspect of ourselves which is our inner energy. Our Soul. 

My Wife Ange came across Premalaya by pure chance. She booked us in for a weekend as a present for my 45th Birthday. This is the best gift I've ever had. 
Scott and Hayley, Premalaya's Owners, are welcoming and genuine. It is not just a business for them it is a way of life. Hayley is a healer. Her soul purpose is to help you cleanse your body and your soul of the tension that we all accumulate and hold onto within our bodies. This she does through breathing and Yoga exercises. You don't have to worry that you may be unfit or inflexible. Once you've started it doesn't even cross your mind. Hayley has you on a journey which she keeps you focused on. She is encouraging and mindful. She does not rush you. She guides you. She makes you feel comfortable. She will help you. This is a fact. 
You don't have to be a believer but you need to do yourself a favour and come see for yourself. I highly recommend you come to Premalaya and put your life in the care of Hayley and Scott. 
Fantastic & Trendy accommodation located in Yallingup. Come and go as you please. Oh yeah one more thing. Do not miss out on THE BEST EVER massage you will ever experience. A complete healing package. 
Thank you guys so much.