We believe that each and every one of us deserves to be lovedhonouredcelebrated and cared for. Occasionally, however,  some of us need a few more hands. We call on our community and anyone that can spare a penny to consider donating to one or both of these valuable causes. Please read the stories below and discover which one resonates with you most. Links to each gofundme under corresponding title,
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Pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum can be one of the most challenging times in a woman's life. We are reminded every day by society and media to get back to our post pregnancy body, be up and running as quick as possible and be more resilient than ever, whilst quietly in our minds we suffer and sometimes feel like we cannot cope. 

We do not know how to ask for help and we don't know which way to turn.

Our final straw of reaching out, we visit our trusted GP and in a nut shell given a prescription!

Why in our Western worlds do we not follow any of the Eastern protocols? Where the mother is fully nurtured for at least 6 weeks after birth and encouraged to rest deeply. She is served by her community and made to feel like a queen. She is honoured unconditionally and provided with warm nourishing building foods, massaged, given herbs and every ounce of her mind, body, soul needs are attended to.

Notice we haven't even mentioned the baby yet!!! 
All the emphasis nowadays in the Western world is on the baby, have we set up the nursery in the latest trend, let's throw a baby shower and buy all the latest unnecessary mod cons, mesh cloth tubes to suck food through incase the baby chokes, sterilizers, monitors, change tables, cots, decor, the expensive pram, is it pink or blue, the list goes on.

Where are the questions....how are you today Mum? Is there anything I can help you with? How are you feeling about bringing this baby into the world? Do you have a support system in place from those that care about you? Let me take the others and drop off some dinner for you tonight? Have you had enough sleep?

Is many situations however, the questions can be there, but our minds have been conditioned to trojan on, to not ask for help, in fact, I think we seriously have lost the ability to know how to ask for help - its damn right shameful to be in a space of not coping.

This continues not only through the postpartum period but well on into our motherhood years. In the Eastern tradition, everyone is there for each other, taking care of our communities and serving our basic fundamental needs - after all it really does take a village to raise a child.

I am raising this awareness because its not only been a lifelong passion of mine, but because of some tragic news announced last week. 

A beautiful childhood friend of mine, Rebecca Kruza, decided to take her own life in a catastrophic way. Behind she left her 7 month old baby, her childhood sweetheart of 21 years and a deeply loving family. She did everything in her life to help others, she cared immensely for animals especially dogs and the well-being of others, she was a loyal friend and a servant to humanity

She suffered a miscarriage and craved to bring a child into the world, however, when she did, probably because of the above reasons, life became too hard and she was given a prescription….it was a deadly concoction and she could not cope, this must change!

In some cases there is a deep need for medication, however, as newborn mothers we need systems in place, we need to know how to ask for help, we need to know it is ok to reach out, we need to know how to take care of ourselves to be strong enough to mother.

Every single woman deserves the right to a healthy mind and body especially when she strives to raise our next generation. 

This non for profit foundation has been set up to get back to the basics. Women supporting women, communities caring for each other. Simple information to support postpartum needs. The right education when it comes to taking medications in such a vulnerable state - the list goes on.

In honour of the amazing, beautiful, strong Rebecca Kruza, its time for change, and with your help and support, we can do this and create more awareness around postnatal needs.

In Deep Gratitude

The Becky Kruza Foundation
‘Every woman deserves proactive advice, a strong mind and a community to back her whilst raising our next generation’

Kirra Bird, the legend, the wonderous warrior...... she needs our help, right now and if there's a women that deserves this, then she's our girl. 

I believe that every disease, with the right medicine, Eastern and Western, with the right support, has the opportunity to be healed, however, fundamental fact, we NEED MONEY!!

Kirras's Story...

On July 2015, two days after I turned 28, I was diagnosed with stage three bowel cancer, which was spreading through my lymph nodes. The blurr that followed went something like this..... dr app, chemo app, radiation app, radiation tattoos, more dr app, more drugs being thrown at me, chemo port, more random faces of people who have never met me, anxiety, more pushing "there's no time" now, now, now, go, go, go. Relocating 700kms away from our home, too sick to care for my children.... half way through "treatment" I decided there had to be a better way so I declined the chemo and radiation that i'd been having and decided instead to focus on healing myself naturally. January 2016 I got test results back and we were all clear. 

No cancer!!! 

Fast forward May 2017..... my chest is hurting so I head to the hospital. We do scans on my lungs to rule out blood clots, good news lungs are clear! 

Bad news, Liver is not. 

Once again a blurr of appointments and tears, scans and faces.... Liver cancer, stage 4, Aggressive. Go, go, go, there's not time! What about the kids.... breathe, your ok, Fuck. Right, so let's do this. Again. 

I know chemo and radiation are not the way I want to go. Surgery may not be an option because of where the tumour is. So, I will beat this naturally. I will clear out all the emotional crap that's suffocating me, my children will stay home with their mumma. And we will do this and we will thrive. 


All donations are welcome, along with deep support in any way shape or form that you can offer.


Kirra and her Team at "Kirra's Life Campaign'